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Saturday, November 13, 2010

I've decided to make an unconventional Thanksgiving dinner.

All the usual suspects... just in unusual formats.

Here's the menu i got so far:

Turkey subs with stuffing. Sweet Potato chips. Jello shots. Cranberry ice cream with pumpkin streusel on top.

Anyhow, Thanksgiving is two weeks away and I'm excited! But I'm most especially excited for Black Friday. I could use some new dvd's and at Wal-mart's 2 bucks each!!!

Oh and sorry to get so behind on my Attitude of Gratitude

Nov. 9, 2010
-Fun new quilt shop
-Interviews going well
-Key Lime Cupcake shake... amazingly delicious

Nov. 10, 2010
-Martha Stewart and her team that keeps up her website
-Cherry Lane Keepsakes in Provo... I think I could buy that whole store
-Healthy dinners

Nov. 11, 2010
-Sick days with Alaina, Jo, Dee, and Kaley
-Whitney making me laugh... hard
-No cavities

Nov. 12, 2010
-a comfortable bed
-2 new games to add to our collection
-Cary taking care of me

Nov. 13, 2010
-Omni Warriors (Cary's football team--lame name, I know, I made fun of it) being undefeated
-Cary ironing my shirt
-Caramel Apples


Oliver said...

Carla you guys got to have me come over for a party or something like you promised!

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