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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Do I really need to say I've had writer's block?

It's been a great last two months. I am blessed to be employed! I now work for Verizon Wireless, and I don't know when we'll get the iphone. So, here I am working, and with that comes the balancing of work and life and figuring out how I used to be so productive. My old self constantly amazes my current self.

In a nutshell... I spent Thanksgiving to Christmas in Denver. I didn't get to see much of Denver, but I enjoyed the trip none the less. Christmas was spent mostly on the couch with Cary. It was lacking in traditions and the excellent food associated with Christmas, but don't despair... we had cheeseball, and that's good enough for us (we'll worry about traditions when we have kids to entertain).

Two of my favorite moments of the last two months include:

1. Playing Scattegories with the Tippets. First round we roll a C and we're on list one. We all write down what we can think of and it comes time to share our lists. Jeremy decides to go first. (First item on list 1 is a boys name)"Carlos". We all say good one, we didn't write that. Next "Charlie". We all pause. Then bust up laughing realizing that he wrote 12 boys names starting with C instead of an item for each number on the list. (It's not as funny in writing, but it was actually pretty hilarious, take my word for it).

2. While celebrating Aubrey M's birthday, Jason decided to play a simple birthday game. The birthday girl writes a number on a napkin, and we go around in a circle guessing numbers. After each guess she tells us higher or lower until someone has guessed the number. Then the person who guesses gets spanked with a broom.

Well Aubrey isn't mean enough to actually spank someone, so I suggested we just shoot them with an airsoft gun. So we did. It was hilarious. It's amazing how nervous you can get just guessing a number knowing you could potentially get shot from a 5 ft distance!

You may have just decided I'm immature and easily amused, but I dare you to play this game and not double over laughing.


let's just do a year in review.

1. Married Cary. It's great. We have way too much fun and when people tell me the first year of marriage is the hardest, I smile and think I can't wait for the rest of my life!

2. I lived in Europe. It still seems so surreal, and I'm glad I did it. It's especially fun watching movies and saying, "oh I've been there."

3. I bought couches! Goodbye BYU plaid, good riddance.

4. I saw Cirque du Soleil (I also saw broadway in London this year, but it was my first Cirque du Soleil and I 100% recommend it to everyone)

5. Quit Macaroni Grill. Twice technically. And although I'm in retail now and haven't made the leap out of lame work hours, it's definitely a jump.

With so many big changes there's also a few things I had to say goodbye to...

1. The end of rooming with Jo. I still miss living with Jo, and hate that I don't see her every day.

2. Omni peeps. People who hate single's wards, did not have the fortune of living at the Omni. I miss the ward, and although Cary and I still hang out with the same friends, we miss being in the thick of all the activities.

So here's to 2011! (I'd toast, but I've already drank 5 bottles of martinelli's). Here's to hoping my friends and family have a happy and healthy year and that they receive the blessings they desire. Here's to more crazy times with Cary. Here's to being better. 2010 was a fabulous year, and here's to an even better 2011!


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I freaking love you. :)

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I do too!

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