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Monday, February 20, 2012

i just have to say...

spending all day with zoey is probably 10 bajillion times better than spending all day at Verizon (no offense, they were a good company to work for)

I just enjoy teaching her about books and games and songs soooo much more than attempting to teach some people how to save contacts in their cell phone...(actually i bet i could teach zoey how to save a contact pretty quickly--well, as soon as she masters the use of her thumbs and quits jamming them in her mouth every other second)

And when zoey yells... it's kind of funny. She doesn't get mad very often, it's more of a yell-pause-is mom paying attention to me yet-yell-(*pause, I'm serious here*)-oh, big smile there's mom!

It's a tough job, not for the weak of stomach, with terrible pay and no vacation days accruing, but we have fun entertaining ourselves.

(she is focusing really hard on wiggling out of her chair... then how will i get a lunch break?)

Just wait, come summer when I post pics of us lounging by the pool, you'll all be jealous :)


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