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Friday, February 24, 2012

This week in the Tippets Residence:

-Zoey decided she likes dancing. She tries to mimic my moves=very funny.

-Zoey got her first swim lesson (in the bathtub (we wanted to try out our swimsuits)). She hates the bathtub... so we ended up taking a shower instead, which she loved.

-Zoey had spit up come out her nose... impressive? yes. painful? i imagine.

-Zoey had her first night where I tried just laying her in the crib and she fell asleep on her own without a single cry

-Also, she had her first 11 hour stretch of sleep (Ah-mazing)

Busy week.

Sunglasses make walks better

Ok, she doesn't like the swimsuit YET

Cary teaching Zoey how to plank

She has funny sleeping positions...

As for me, Cary has had a lot of 12 hour days this week....
which means I get to do whatever I want with the baby without getting told to leave her alone, AND I have to do all these things by myself (which is a lot harder).
AND since my little person can't say "thank you" or "dang, you're awesome mom"...

I sometimes feel underappreciated.
I mean, I typically think it's a feat to just keep baby alive, healthy and happy, but today I took baby girl for a walk, read a million books, tummy time, got her cleaned and dressed, did all my visiting teaching, did the grocery shopping, unloaded, cleaned the house, entertained baby girl and got the laundry done.

Where's my gold star? (do I sound whiny enough yet ;) Ok, really gold stars were always lame and overrated.

Actually, I'm just tired from my already full day, and would love a guilt free nap... but I gotta go whip up dinner for the missionaries.

Guess I'll just log these moments in my mind for the next day we don't do much of anything and I need to remind myself some days I have it together.


Kaley said...

Oh and you forgot to add blogging to your list of things you did today! I think you're amazing. I don't accomplish near that much and I only have to take care of myself...

LMorgan said...

Zoey is the cutest baby, ever!

DeeAura said...

Carla, thanks for taking care of Zoey every day all day long, and for all the other things you do. :) Really though...I'll echo Kaley. I don't know how you do it. Love you!

Mary said...

Zoey is aDORable! I love that swimsuit -- I wanted to get the same one for Maggie but I figured she doesn't need one in February. I think it's awesome that you got one for Zoey anyway.

I think it's hard as mothers not to feel unappreciated sometimes. I find myself telling Christian everything I got done during the day so that he can tell me what a good job I did. On the other hand, because of how much mothers do, it's probably impossible for anyone to appreciate that enough.

Matt and Mari said...

I love her swimsuit! And I totally give you a gold star- maybe two! I wasn't nearly that productive today and I have no baby excuses! Miss you!!!!!

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