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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Groundhog Day!!!

The first groundhog day I ever celebrated was with good friends, Liz and Jim Pittcavage!

(borrowed photo from liz's fb page)

We watched the movie groundhog day and ate stovetop popcorn thanks to Jim.

I thought the movie was extremely depressing. I felt so bad for the guy and just wanted the day to end.

However, I watched it again while feeding baby and decided it's not so bad. So perhaps you should curl up with some popcorn and enjoy a little cinematic celebration of this fine/ridiculous holiday!

(call me if you need to borrow it)

Oh and the groundhog did see his shadow. 6 more weeks of winter to which I say BRING IT ON!!! With an average temp of 70 degrees, it can be winter til May according to me!


elizabeth said...

Happy Groundhog Day!! haha...did you know that when Jim was a teenager he drove to punxatawny and stayed up all night to see the groundhog. we probably told you, but i don't remember. he says it's nothing like the movie. I am going to watch it tonight.

DeeAura said...

I also hated that movie the first time. I wanted to gouge my eyes out. So much repeition + Bill Murray. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH. But then a funny thing happened: I watched it again, voila! Hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing. Either it's actually funny, or...I cracked.

elizabeth said...

Ok so Jim said that it's a really cute town just like in the movie, but the groundhog is actually out in a big field, not like the movie.

elizabeth said...

but he didn't say "cute town" those were my words. clarification.

Mary said...

So I just wanted to say that for years Christian's family has made a huge deal out of Groundhog Day. They always get together and watch the movie {after taking a quiz to see how much they remembered from last year's viewing}. It's kind of a crazy tradition, but I love it. And I think the movie is hilarious.

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