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Thursday, June 21, 2012

I like to watch a little morning "news" (i.e. The Today Show, or GMA) while feeding Zoey in the morning and today two stories caught my attention.

The first was about a boy who along with several friends taunted and bullied a 67 year old bus monitor, video taped it and posted it to their facebook page. I won't repost the video because I don't think that's helping the situation, but their remarks were cruel to say the least.

Cary and I were outraged. A 13 year old should know better. At the very least the 13 year old should know better than to post a video on the internet! We discussed the downfalls of society and why children think bullying or being rude in general is ok, but we had more fun coming up with a punishment.

If that were our child.... first, the facebook page would be gone, right along with internet privileges. Then we would make our child (and probably his friends if I knew the parents) apologize on the bus to everyone who rides the bus for what they had to hear, followed by a ride to the bus monitor's house where our child would be forced to deliver an apology note as well as a verbal apology. We also decided our child could spend the next several weeks researching the effects of bullying and offer to give an assembly in their school.

Too harsh? Well, that's what we think of bullying, as well as stupidity... what would you do?

The other story was of Madonna Badger, the mother who lost her 3 daughters, mother and father in a house fire last Christmas.

She has decided to speak to reporters about the incident 6 months ago, and I cried listening to her. I can not imagine waking up one morning and no longer having my family.

All week I have thought to myself how lucky I am to have Cary and Zoey in my life. Zoey is so much fun and the perfect baby for me. I honestly feel like I am living the perfect life, and to imagine it could be gone in an instant is heart wrenching. I am so grateful to have the family I do, for as long as I get to have them--hopefully a very long time!


Jessica Day said...

I really like your ideas about justice. I feel the same way about my life-it's perfect! I hope our babies can play together someday, I bet it would be pretty funny and adorable.

Whitney Brown said...

While reading your comments about bullying, I kept thinking, yes we would all react that way if our child were the ones to cause such pain... BUT not to be prideful or boastful, but YOUR children will NEVER do something like that, nor mine (whenever they decide to get here). Because bullying starts in the home. We teach respect in the home. The way you reacted to what you and Carey would "do", is exactly why Zoey or future little ones won't become bullies. We need more parents to act as strongly instead of saying their child is the victim or creating these little monsters!
This ends my preach session for the day. :)

Ashley said...

I heard the bullying story as well and just can't get over it. Totally unacceptable. I agree with you on how you would react!

Marisha said...

There's a guy who wanted to raise $5,000 to send her on a vacation, so he set up a site to collect money and they're now at $300,000!


DeeAura said...

I watched the first minute or so of that bullying video, and it KILLED me. How could those children be so completely terrible? I seriously couldn't believe it was happening, and yet there it was. Right in front of my face. Completely unacceptable. I'd say if that was the kid's punishment, it'd be getting off EASY. Furious doesn't even begin to describe it.

But then anyway...I just love you guys. :)

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