Baby's got blue skies up ahead

Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy 7 Month Birthday Zoey!!!

7 months! It's starting to sound like you've been around a long time. The time is going quickly now that you are sleeping well :)

You're such a fun little girl. You light up when people talk to you, and you love to giggle. Bath time is still your favorite, and you love exploring new anything... food, toys, books, places or people. We think you keep getting cuter and you're definitely clever and feisty. You keep us on our toes by testing your boundaries every day. We love you!

-M & D


Kaley said...

Goodness, gracious she's freaking adorable! She's such a great mix of the two of you! I keep looking at pictures and thinking, 'she looks so much like carla! but she looks so much like cary!' Miss you guys!

Ashley said...

So adorable! When is her birthday? I didn't realize her and Walker are so close in age.

emily said...

I love how modest you guys are with the bath photos. She looks like a mermaid with green fins.

DeeAura said...

Baby in the bath. SO cute!

LMorgan said...

that is sure a cute baby!

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