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Saturday, June 9, 2012

We're on vacation in estes park colorado, and it's been a lot of firsts for zoey

First time seeing the gorgeous rocky mountains

(yeah that's zoey sitting on a mountain by herself... ask cary about that one!)

First time munching on finger foods (yum puffs... not so happy about the french fries...) (no pic, because I was being responsible making sure she didn't choke)

First time hanging out with cousins...

First bike ride

First hike

First ride down the slide (still gotta take a pic)

what has not been a first, but first in a long time... a few royal blow outs. Lovely. What's better than a colossal poop that comes squirting out her onesie leg holes while you're up a mountain?

My bro-in-law has coined the vacay the apoopcalypse. I think I'll just make her a onesie that says "I got naked in Rocky Mountain National Park" or "Been there. Done that. And I was nude. Estes Park, Colorado."


emily said...

Poor kid, her little tummy is upset from the traveling.

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