And I miss you, yeah I miss you

Sunday, September 23, 2012

I got a job... cause we're poor. 
(I would think that would go without saying, but everyone keeps asking)

Cary says when I've been gone for an hour or two Zoey starts to wonder why I'm not back and goes to the door and hits it and cries while saying "mamamamamamama"

It breaks my heart.

I know she'll get used to me being gone more often, but that kind of breaks my heart too.

At least she gets to spend the time with Cary. They have lots of fun while I'm gone.


Kaley said...

What's your job?

Whitney Brown said...

I understand! I have to work, and we live apart for my job...because we are poor too! Gotta pay the bills, right?! Sorry your baby is missing you, extra cuddling when you get home I'm sure! You are a WONDERFUL mom for wanting to provide!! She is a cutie and what girl doesn't love time with their dad?!

Ashley said...

So what are you doing? And how often are you doing it?

Shelli said...

Also, yes... you are very vague on here. Where are you working?

Carla said...

Waiting tables at California Pizza Kitchen. I'm not totally stoked to be in the restaurant world again, but it's good food, flexible, and easy. I'm just working part-time which isn't bad...just gotta get used to our new schedule.

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