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Sunday, September 30, 2012

My four readers have asked about the photography class I mentioned in the last post.

It was a church class, taught by Shallyse Gastelum, her website is And I happened upon a photographer that just wrote out the same tips on a blogpost friday. So for the excellent tips I learned (written better than I could have reiterated) go to

A few other words of wisdom I found helpful:

-Catch all of your kids personality, the serious, the temper tantrums, the quiet moments, as well as the happy moments

-Toddlers will cooperate better if you give them two choices... i.e. would you rather sit on the couch or the blanket to take a picture

-Capture your day to day: bathtime, breakfast, playing with favorite toys... this will help you remember your children as they were at that age.

-Get in the pictures with your kids. SOOOO hard for me. I hate most pics of myself. But your kids will want to know that you were there playing with them, having fun, and it's great to capture the connection you share.

A little fuzzy, she still moves too fast for my point and shoot.

Check out those eyelashes!


Ashley said...

That's one thing my mom has always told me....get in the pictures with your kdis!!! I have TONS of pictures with my dad, but not a ton with my mom because she was always the one behind the camera!

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