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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ahhh it's that time of year again....

Coat time! (I know you hear me dee...)

My love affair with coats started towards the end of high school and was only cemented when I attended college in the frigid wasteland aka Utah.

Unlike most girls, I've missed the boat on purses, jewelry, and makeup. They're expensive items that take up room to store and slow down my daily routine. And although, I can appreciate cute shoes... I seem to always be slipping on my rainbows rather than finding the perfect match. BUT, coats...

I HATE being cold. I would take heat over cold any day, so coats are a must. And since I rarely take off my coat because I'm always freezing--a cute coat is practically an outfit for me. So despite the lack of funds and the warm NC winters, here's the coats I'd be debating about if I could...


This screams Jackie O. to me... and who doesn't want her style.


I absolutely love my Tulle big button coat from a few seasons ago, and this one's on sale! I'm thinking red or yellow would be so fun and cheery during the dreary cold months.


Who doesn't need a good toggle coat? They're classic, and Victorias Secret knows how to make a coat look flattering and not oversized or frumpy. The real question: now that a messy toddler is in the picture, could I really tempt fate with a white coat? Fortunately it also comes in red or blue.

Duffle Coat

Another duffle coat, I really like this color.


The moto jacket... simple, stylish, great match for the colored skinny jeans that are so trendy.

And of course there are double breasted, classic wool peacoat options abounding online, But you'll never see them on my blog. There's something about the double breasted that makes me look even shorter and squattier than I am--definitely not a feature I'm striving to accentuate.

Anyways, one last coat and then I'll nip this day dreaming in the bud...


Gotta give Old Navy props... they have some really cute coats online, for very affordable prices. And this one would work great for my preggo friends (or if I ever decide to try out pregnancy again).

Anywho, happy shopping and if you see some cute coats on mega clearance I should know about... let me know!


Whitney Brown said...

Cute coats!!! And amen to loving warm weather, I absolutely hate dressing in layers and hate cold weather!! We are Southern girls ;)

DeeAura said...

You KNEW I'd hear you loud and clear on this one! :) And I totally agree on all the other accessories...they pale in comparison to coats. Shoes included.

Ashley said...

I was about to say, check out Old Navy!! Their coats are amazing right now. I'm definitely a coat hoarder...

Melissa said...

Christopher is not happy...this post totally made me need a new coat. :)

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