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Saturday, September 28, 2013


Aaron Tucker Tippets

(We call him Tucker. Or Tuck. Or Tuckmeister. Or Tuckerman.)
(Cary is a big fan of nicknames.)

Tucker was born August 25, 2013 at 2:15 pm.

I went boating the day before, went into labor around midnight, and headed to the hospital around 6 am. Labor was night and day different from Zoey's. Tucker's delivery was great and recovery has been soooo much smoother this time around. I call him my perfect baby because I wouldn't change any of it. 

Also, that was probably the best boat ride of my life!

Physical Stats on Tucker:
-Born 2 weeks early weighing 7 lb 12 oz. 20 in long
-He has a little hair, less than Zoey initially had, but he's kept it longer :) Cary also wanted me to note that he has a perfectly shaped head... apparently it runs in the family.
-He's got long long arms, and super long skinny feet.

Personality Stats on Tucker:
-Easy going!
-He is pretty much only interested in sleeping and eating
-Total mamas boy. He loves me best. It makes me feel pretty great (especially since Zoey didn't reallly care if it was me holding her or not), but it does make it hard to get things done.

We're all in love with "baby brudda" (as zoey says). It's nice to have a punctual member in the family and we're adjusting well to our new family of four status.


Whitney B. said...

So happy for y'all, I love posts like these! He is precious! We are into mulitple nicknames as well. Is it weird that while we are looking for names I'm also thinking of potential nicknames?! Congratulations again :)

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