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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Zoey has seriously been making us laugh this week. 
Here's some of our favorite conversations/comments:

Dinner time, after I just cut up her food and put it on her plate:
"Zoey can you fold your arms to pray?" "NOPE, I'm eating (as she shovels everything in her mouth)"

Zoey climbs up to the table and starts grabbing the water pitcher:
"Zoey can I help you?" With a smug look "No thanks. I get it."

"Zoey, what did you learn about in Nursery today?"
 "How to kiss Jon Bradley" 

"Zoey, did you have a good nights sleep?"
"What did you dream about?"
"Yeah. K?"

Zoey wasn't eating her bagel, so I eat a piece.
"Umm, sorry zoey, I can't give it back"
(meanwhile Cary is laughing)
Zoey gives the stern look I usually give her when i want her to listen, "my bagel back!"

We have a mini boppy for tummy time for Tucker. 
Zoey grabs boppy "I feed tucker, k!"


Whitney B. said...

Hahaha, what a cutie!!!!

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