I have a family... they are so good to me

Monday, September 30, 2013

The senior missionary couple spoke in church, and though I only got to hear the first talk (thanks tuck...) I really enjoyed it. 

The sister shared a story. 

She described how when she and her husband were younger, they had only been married a few years, had 2 young children and were very poor. She said sometimes she'd go searching through the couch cushions to find an extra dime to be able to buy milk for the babies. One such day, her husband and her were feeling down about their situation and decided to make a list of all the things they would buy if they had the money. 

She said it was fun and made them feel better to make this list and pretend money wasn't an issue for a moment.

Fast forward 3 years and they are packing up to move, when she happens upon the list they had created one night. She marveled at the fact that she had everything they had written on their list including a dryer (this was probably 1960ish: dryers were a big deal), a new car, and they just bought a house which is why they were moving. 

Her point being sometimes we need to ask Heavenly Father for the blessings we want and then live our lives so that he can give us those blessings. 

As we drove home, Cary and I decided we needed to make a list, so we too can have everything we want in 3 years... and the list started with things such as all the infomercial crap we've ever wanted to try (read: nuwave, no!no!, dyson vacuum, every workout video, etc.) and other silly items, I thought to myself "I am so blessed." 

We are so blessed to obviously have everything we need/want to the point where our list of wants includes crap off informercials I see in the middle of the night. 

Feeling pretty lucky tonight.


Whitney B. said...

Great post, looove this!

Ashley said...

I've been thinking of my "list" as well lately... (I have a personal chef and laundry putter-upper on mine)...but you are so right...we're all so blessed and have exactly what we need at the moment.

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