She keeps me laughing

Saturday, December 21, 2013

The latest Zoeyisms

"Dad! kiss Carla bye!" ... haha it cracks me up when she calls me Carla

Grabbing Cary's face "Look at me, look at me! Time Out!"... it's a special moment when your kid throws your words back at you.

Right now we give her stickers for being good (we're trying to reduce tantrums) and she gets so excited. So excited in fact, she now will do things like hit her brother, so she can then kiss him and say sorry, thereby being "good" and getting a sticker.

"Mom, I got a water for you." "Thank you, zoey" "You're welcome, it's pretty good? huh!" 
(I wish you could hear that one in person, hilarious)

We were at a neighbors house and their son runs in "Zoey's pooping!" Since I hadn't packed diapers I said "ok, let's head home." Zoey runs in "No! No! I just tooted!"


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