Friday, February 28, 2014


the latest and greatest

"Mom, I drank my bathwater... It wasn't good."

While collecting things and obviously up to no good, Cary starts watching her "DAD! leave me alone!" 

"Uh oh What happened to my diaper? Oh oh no..." 

Wearing footie pajamas, she starts pulling at her bum "mom, my bum feels funny!" when I unzipped her pjs her diaper had fallen down to her feet. Ha, dad forgot to cinch it on

Cary putting on a snuggie "Dad, you got that on backwards..."

"Why are you Cary?" Cary: "Because my mom named me that when I was born" "Oh" 
later... "I Zoey because I borned that"

I wrote her name and asked her what it spelled.
"o-e-y... Oh! Mickey clubhouse!" (i think a little too much cartoons whoops)

In the car after the museum
C: Ooy I'm pooped!
Z: Mom you pooped? Why? Eeew it stinks in here!!!

Picking her nose
C: Can I help you zoey?
Z: Don't worry, I got this (while digging)


emily said...

Laughing out loud around my breakfast. Can't wait to see you guys!

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