This is my winter song to you, the storm is coming through

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What is it about rainy days?

I love them. I'm from North Carolina where rain is a bit more frequent that out here in this barren wasteland we all fondly call Utah. I have so many great memories of warm rainy days... playing tennis with Kelly Estes, swim practices (swimming is ten times more fun in the rain), bike rides, washing my hair in the rain, and the list goes on and on.

Sometimes, rainy days are fabulous because you are allowed to be blissfully gloomy and lethargic all day. If it's raining nobody gives you a hard time for laying curled up in bed watching grey's anatomy, long after you should have gotten started with your day, which by the way is a perfect rainy day show. It's really good at balancing the gloomy and heavy subject material with the upbeat and funny.

So, you're probably wondering if I really am going to make a whole post devoted to the weather... and yeah, I am. Lately, I go to work and everyone feels the need to tell me what I am doing wrong with my life and how to fix it (we have a lot of new people at work, and a single graduated girl such as myself obviously needs advice). Anyhow, so as Meredith would say (in my fav. grey's episode of all time) "I just need to lay here in bed and feel like I might die today."

Gosh, dangit... i was going to include the clip from grey's, but i can't figure out how to get it from itunes to the blog. I need a class on blogging. Gah.


caddieman said...

ah yes, rain makes everything better. (unless you live on a mountainside in so-cal, lol)

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