Working on a suntan we don't even try to block it

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

For enrichment tonight we essentially did hair and make-up make overs (What Not To Wear was brought up regularly). So while I was being improved by the 'glamour technicians' in my ward, I laughed about all the layers and bronzers etc. which started a discussion about tanning.

Now, when a sister has skin cancer and I've already accumulated 4 solid years of lifeguarding skin damage, I can't justify tanning. So, I've decided to try the spray on tans. Of course everyone has an opinion about this, which lead to lots of discussion.

So I posed the question "Why can't we just dye skin? Why can't I just dye my skin to the color I want it to be and be done with it?"

Shelli responds: "Michael Jackson did that."

Game over.


Shelli said...

Sorry to burst your bubble!

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