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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

As previously devised, I'm breaking my info into seperate posts. Read further if you missed post 1 and 2 and 3.

Last Month in Review, Post 4: German Discoveries (as defined in a previous post, these discoveries are not necessarily German, though they may be, more accurately is that I discovered them whilst in Germany).

1. Belgian truffles are the best. I mean melt in your mouth, delicate blends of sweet and bitter that leave you wondering what hit you and aching for more. Never understood addiction? Try a truffle.

2. I don't get to eat many German foods since I live near a base, and I'm American (therefore I cook like an American), but I tried currywurst. It was alright, but I'd pick a döner over it any day.

3. German windows are sweet! You can turn the handle up to just vent the window open from the top (the bottom is still attached), or you can turn the handle down to completely open the window (the side is still attached). I suppose it's nothing special, but I like them. Although no window screens won't be so pleasant come mosquito season.

4. The Germans believe in steam mops... and now, so do I. Awesome! I used this one called the Maxx clean steam mop. I love it! I wish I could take it home with me. Yes, I am praising cleaning supplies on my blog, don't judge. What's that scripture verse... Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Ha ha ok I don't think that's a verse but whatever.

5. At German parades they give out cups of beer. Sorry kids, no candy... we prefer depressants over stimulants.

6. I really enjoy biking to get where I need to go. I especially enjoy it when the weather is nice. It is not so much fun to bike when it is snowing. The other night I was minding my own business, biking home from work and the blue lights start flashing. The polizei pull up beside me and start screaming at me in German. I meekly reply I'm sorry I don't speak German, just English. They keep yelling in German, and then finally "Dangerous! Dangerous!" I said sorry, they muttered stuff and then left. Well, I think I'm aware that it is "dangerous!", but I had to get home. Geez, they could have offered me a ride if it's soooo dangerous.

7. Speaking of snow. I'm tired of it. Worst winter in 30 years here in Ramstein, Germany. I wish it would stop. But then I remembered sno-creme. Did anyone else make this as a kid? I'd go out and collect a bunch of fresh snow (before it was tainted (yellow) by some animal, or walked on by some child (said with disgust... like who walks on snow ;)) Anyhow, then you add milk, sugar and vanilla to the snow and mix. I think that was all and it made this milk shake slush something that I used to think was so good. Funny memory to randomly come back, and I have an inkling that I'm the only kid weird enough to have done this? Confirm or deny?

8. While on facebook lately, there's always this ad to make "a love child" and combine your features with someone else's to see what your child would look like. The pictures are hilarious (see below) and it's so tempting. I wish you didn't have to pay for it.


DeeAura said...

I used to LOVE that snow. Also, I laugh at the love babies every time. ...but I never clicked through to see that they cost money...hahahah!

currywurst, huh? Never heard of it...

I want a truffle. THANK YOU.

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