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Sunday, February 21, 2010

I apologize for my lack of blogging, especially in light of my promises to blog on a regular basis upon moving to Europe... as I have new discoveries worth mentioning daily. However, I find that between e-mailing, facebooking, g-chatting, skyping, and generally explaining things on a regular basis I don't always posess the desire to "journal" my adventures on the blog. However, in an attempt to get me going on documenting the last month, let me just share my most recent discovery... for my outdoor/adventure female readers.

I present to you....

Yes, the freshette. "If you are an active outdoor woman you know what a hassle it can be trying to urinate when restrooms are unsanitary or unavailable. The alternative of having to get halfway undressed can result in exposure to the elements and embarrassment. This is where the Sports & Travel Freshette plays a vital role, Allowing you to urinate while standing, requiring minimal or no undressing!"

For the low price of $23.95, you can relieve yourself standing up!

As much as I find this amusing and somewhat funny, I can't help but think I would have paid 24 bucks to have this while hiking Timp.

a) Brilliant or just weird?
b) Would you use this? In what circumstances?
c) Technicalities... are these devices ever as easy to use as they seem?


elizabeth said...

wow. I am intrigued, amazed, and disgusted all AT ONCE. Do you know anyone who has tried this?? I want to know if it works. If it works, I think I would use it in a desperate camping/hiking situation.

Shelli said...

I echo Elizabeth's comments. Since I am not a camper... or rather, I will camp as long as I can make it from night to morning without...you know, needing this contraption, I don't see ever needing it. And yet, if I ever were to take up hiking or backpacking for days at a time, I would be tempted.

But then you have to poke holes in your underwear. And I'm not really sure how comfortable it would be resting there. What's it made out of? Curious.

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