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Monday, February 22, 2010

Ok, due to a three week absence from blogging I'm going to break my post into 4 segments to make it more digestable and favorable to your palate, a.k.a. nobody reads a post that's too long.

Last Month in Review, Post 1: London

(I'll keep this like the Atlanta review... top ten and tidbits)

1. Broadway Shows! I got to see Les Miserable and The Lion King. Both were amazing! I enjoyed Les Mis more for the music, but The Lion King's set design was breathtaking.

2. Crossiants- the breakfast of choice in London. Yeah, they are good. Especially the chocolate ones. However, I'm not sure I can convert to the crossiant a day diet.

3. My first hostel experience. This was a great experience. The hostel we stayed at was really nice. It's like a dorm room with two bunk beds, lockers for 4 and a small (very small) bathroom. It's clean and just has basic sheets. So you bring your own towel and toiletries. It reminded me a lot of EFY/Youth conference where we stayed in dorms. It would have been perfect; however, I unfortunately was sick my second day in London, and flu like symptoms need to be nursed with a fluffy comforter and basic cable. **Note to self: when getting sick, hostel is one of the least favorable locations**

4. The Underground is easy and the most affordable travel option in London. Also they advertise these magical gnome gummies (two of my loves smooshed into one!), alas I never found these magical gummies though.

5. Portobello Road. (Famously depicted in the movie Notting hill) A market that takes up several miles on the street, there are many different shops as well as street vendors. They sell everything from antiques, jewelry, shoes, food, bikes, paintings, clothing, souvenirs... you name it, they probably sell it.

6. Castle tours are more enjoyable than the actual castle. Or perhaps I am just a sucker for the Beefeater's cliche jokes...

7. London has lots of free museums, which when you're spending as much as you are on everything else, is a pleasant bonus. I loved the Natural History Museum! Definitely worth your time if you're headed to London.

8. Traveling in cold, winter months is a bit of a downer. It's not so bad if you stay well bundled... however, this doesn't make for good pictures. On the bright side, there's a lot less tourists, some activities are cheaper, and you don't have to worry about the sunburn...

9. Overall, London is a more expensive place to visit (think NYC) but it's a lot of fun, and you can definitely adapt the trip to meet your budget. It was fun to have a balance of the regular tourist trap sites as well as other attractions. And Broadway is a must... really what better way to spend an evening?

... Oh are you waiting for No. 10? Right, I suppose I said this was a top ten list... eh, how about just ending with some fav. pictures?


jessamyn said...

I'm loving all your pictures from Europe! Are you backpacking across Europe with friends? I think I missed if this was for Business or pleasure.

Alaina Nelson said...

Love your pictures!
Sorry you were sick, there are not a lot of things worse than being sick while traveling, and walking around all day in the freezing England cold. I hope you feel better. Glad to hear you got to see some shows!!

DeeAura said...


Okay, I really wish I had your post sitting right in front of me while I say this stuff so I wouldn't miss anything. :)

I hope you found something to top the gnome in that shop.

I hate the idea of being sick in a hostel. Also, basic cable and fluffy comforter...the list of reasons why we're friends is getting RIDICULOUS. :)

I want. So bad. In Europe.

Okay, moving on. Chocolate Croissants. *drooling*

I would never get anything productive done over there. I'd just travel.

Which, really, that's productive, right?

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