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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

As previously devised, I'm breaking my info into seperate posts. Read further if you missed post 1.

Last Month in Review, Post 2: Metz, France

This was a short trip, but a fun first taste of France.

-Capri's worn with stockings to brave the winter cold. Awesome fashion statement. Really. C'mon, you don't want to try it? For heaven's sake, why not?

-Like luxembourg, I appreciate that I can gather bits and pieces with my meager french from all those years in high school.

-We ate at Le Monte Cristo. The waiter didn't speak a lick of english, which actually proved to be rather difficult and our first complete lack of verbal communication in Europe (us Americans always expect to run into english speakers... perhaps because we usually do). However, the waiter was really nice and we employed excellent universal sign language to acquire a delicious meal.

-Cora: the French Wal-Mart. This store is like the highlight for Americans all over Europe. Germans don't believe in convenience and only taking one trip once a week to obtain all your shopping needs. The funniest part to me, is that at least half of the brands are American. (And we wonder why they don't like us... it's really just brand envy)

-Le Patisserie and the chocolate shops are everything you ever imagined. Delicious rows of delectable little morsels waiting to taunt your tastebuds for only 3 euros a bite. Yeah, that's right 3 euros (5 bucks) a bite. So worth it.


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