Sexy can I, just pardon my manners

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So Cary and I are sitting at breakfast this morning (I made homemade Egg English Muffin Sandwiches... yummm... little pepperjack cheese, little tomato, so delicious... i digress), and he starts to quiz me in preperation for my job interview this morning.

Cary: Why should I hire you (indignantly)?

Carla: Because I want the job.

Cary: Everyone wants the job, the economy sucks.

Carla: No, I want "this job." Besides the interviewer isn't going to ask me everything with disdain and disgust.

Cary: You have to make me want you!

Carla: Oh, you want me ;)

Cary: sexual innuendos are not going to get you a job! I would refrain from using them in your job interview.

Carla: Thank you obi won...


DeeAura said...

I. LOVE you guys. :)

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