It's your birthday so I know

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cary is a QUARTER of a CENTURY.

I know, he's getting old! But don't worry, we did our best to have a great start as he begins the descent into his balding years... oh wait, he's already bald.... well, who cares then! Bring on 25!!!

A few pics from the day...

It was a chocolate birthday--mugs worthy of cary's addiction!

A tee to declare his true love.

Carolina Hoodie from mom and dad! We're brainwashing him for basketball season... and maybe before grad school apps are due too ;)

A BYU snuggie to cuddle up at the drive in movie later.

Ahhh he got me with the birthday kisses.


Shelli said...

The pictures didn't come out. I turn 25 next month and it's kind of depressing me.

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