Children behave, that's what they say when we're together

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Baby is going through another growspurt, which means she eats every 2 hours, which means I'm not sleeping.


I find it slightly less miserable if I pass the hours by reading random blogs (material that generally doesn't require much thought).


Cary is trying to be supportive, and since
Nary is no help, he goes ahead and takes the baby after the 7-9ish feeding and lets me get a nap before she eats next.

So this morning after I finish feeding the baby,

Cary offers to take the baby and I keep reading the blogs on my ipod.

He then tells me "put the ipod away you're supposed to be sleeping!"

I slide the ipod under my pillow.

Cary: "Just like a kid (scolding look), you're just gonna pull it right out when I leave"

Me: "No, I'm not"

Cary: "Yeah you are, give it to me"

Cary then lunges for the ipod, me: "NO I won't" as I throw it across the room



We're totally ready to be parents.


elizabeth said...

Awesome. One time when jack was a newborn, Jim picked me up and physically put me into bed while I was screaming "I'm not tired!" he told me to be quiet and to sleep, he turned off the lights and removed all electronics while I continued to scream that I wasn't tired. Then I passed out. I only share such humiliating experiences with you because I love you...and I guess your readers.

Teri said...

Aren't growth spurts wonderful? And my retort to the "you should be sleeping" comment is that laying down and doing something restful (like reading or playing solitaire on my phone) counts just as much as actually sleeping. I read it on the internet somewhere, so it must be true. :)

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