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Thursday, January 26, 2012

When you get pregnant the waves of advice never seem to stop.

Everyone's opinion about baby essentials was especially confusing.

I mean, some people were telling me to buy baby wipe warmer's (how ridiculous, as far as I'm concerned a little cold wipe on the tush should be incentive to not wake me up in the middle of the night ;)) to my parents saying all I needed were diapers, onesies, carseat and a crib.

And, though there is a lot of truth to my parents opinion, there have been a few other items that have been fabulous with zoey and made my life so much easier.

Como tomo bottles- absurdly expensive, but they make switching between nursing and bottle seamless, which according to friends is amazing, and according to me worth the money.

Bouncy Chair, or anything really that will hold the baby that they will sit in, because sometimes you need your hands free and they don't want to be on the floor.

SwaddleMe- Straightjacket for babies. It keeps babies from waking themselves up during their more active dreams. For a baby who moves a ton--it really does make a big difference in how long she will stay asleep.

Snowsuit- Ok, this one is probably purely a Zoey thing... but the kid will not stay swaddled in a blanket. She hates to be confined. So a suit covers all her limbs, getting her toasty warm and she falls right asleep. Don't judge me--but we have nights where I'm desperate and put her to bed in her snowsuit because it worked.

Nursing cover- I just sewed one (from this pattern), but it's so much easier than fumbling with a blanket.

Oh and of course the boppy (or as Cary likes to say, my breast friend)... baby is conditioned so when I grab the pillow she calms down because she knows she's getting fed. Also, I'm able to write these oh-so-informative blogs because the pillow frees up a hand!

Anyhow, I'm not saying any of these items are neccesities, simply that to this tired mama these are worth every penny, buy again in a heartbeat items.

What are your baby essentials?


Shells said...

while I dont have any essentials {no children} .. I appreciate the knowledge. my friend is expecting triplets and I have been trying to think of the most Helpful things to get her. {yes, triplets!}

Amanda Swafford said...

You already mentioned the bottles. I'd never heard of the ones you use, they sound awesome. I used Tommee Tippee for the same reason and was happy with those, though yours look a little more "breast friendly."

A jumper, the kind that hangs in the doorway was AMAZING. Once Olivia was old enough to use one we put her in it and it would keep her entertained for HOURS. I would take her out of it because I felt bad leaving her in it so long, but she would cry if we took her out. She'd usually jump herself to sleep.

Teri said...

Did you know they make a pillow called My Brest Friend? I have one and it made a huge difference in nursing. Evie was so small that she would fall into the little valley between me and the pillow and the Brest Friend pillow eliminated that.

Also, I would have to say one of the essentials for me is my pregnancy wedge pillow. It allows me to lay back a little while side lying nursing in bed at night. It's small, doesn't take up a huge amount of room and makes nursing at night SO much more comfortable!

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