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Monday, January 23, 2012

Stories of Nary

Wow, life got the better of me and killed my blogging momentum, but what better way to get back to business than with a Nary story.

One night during Christmas break, I am up feeding Zoey and my nose starts to run. Generally trying to be considerate of Cary sleeping (why do we both need to be sleep deprived?), I try to get through the feeding, but eventually decide I desperately need a tissue. So I nudge Cary and ask him to hand me a tissue (he was sleeping next to the tissues).

This is where Nary enters.

I ask for a tissue, and Cary hands me March of the Penguins on dvd. Then rolls over and goes back to sleep.

I stare quizzically at Cary and attempt to finish feeding Zoey, but within 5 minutes the snot is about to drip down my face and I am forced to again wake up Cary.

I say "Cary, I really need that tissue."

NARY responds "What the crap! I already gave you a tissue."

Me: "Ummm no, you handed me March of the Penguins"

Nary: "Why would I hand you March of the Penguins?"

Me: "That's a great question. No idea, but I need a tissue. NOW"

Nary: exasperated tone "Oh my gosh. Geez, here's your tissue"

Again... the hilarity factor definitely increases once my nose is wiped and morning comes when I can tell Cary about his late night alter ego.

Oh Nary...


Mary said...

Bahahaha! I'm almost tempted to think you're making these stories up {but seriously, I believe you that they're true}. Obviously Nary can't be reasoned with, but if he could, I'm sure Cary is grateful that you're the one getting up with Zoey all the time. Christian never got that; since my babes are bottle-fed, it didn't matter which of us got up, so we took turns. Keep it up, Carla! That baby girl is lucky to have you guys.

Kaley said...

Nary is my favorite. He's so much funnier and more interesting than Cary.

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