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Monday, October 1, 2012

Zoey Update:

 Girlfriend has pretty much mastered walking, and moved on to climbing! Yikes! At a friend's house this weekend she was content climbing the stairs (trying to suicide jump back down, but of course I caught her) and then climbing them again. Now, she is climbing the furniture. I think this is a game changer...

 In other news she says "up up up up" (really fast and kind of slurred) when she wants us to pick her up, probably because we're always chasing her. And now when she mimics me talking she picks up dolls and says "ya ya ya ya ya" Almost like yada yada yada--it's hilarious.

 She LOVES hiding in the curtains, and reading in the rocking chair (even though she doesn't weigh enough to rock it ;)

 She even is showing preference in picking outfits.

 When did my baby turn into a toddler?


This weekend apparently.


Stefani said...

Hahaha those curtain pictures are hilarious. Jo turned into a toddler overnight, too! It was a little scary...

Ashley said...

OH my goodness!!! Zoey girl is so cute. Climbing up the stairs always does something to my nerves, because of the whole "not knowing how to get down" part. This age is so fun, though!!

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