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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

In Zoey News...

Zoey is a funny little girl. She sees the big kids jump at the park and now she walks around the house squatting and trying so hard to jump--but she just can't seem to make it happen. It makes me smile.
(The books all say that won't happen for another year and a half. Knowing Zoey, she'll make it happen sooner than that)

Zoey has also become quite the drama queen. She can go into meltdown mode instantly, but also snap out of it just as quickly. Other people find it hilarious....

Zoey story of the week: Zoey has a dirty diaper and won't sit down to let me change it. So I'm chasing her around the apartment to change her diaper, and she stops and turns toward me and points at me with all sorts of attitude and says "stay!" with complete conviction and confidence that I will. So ridiculous... I don't even know where she learned the word stay!?!

And since Cary doesn't make appearances on the blog too often. Here's Cary pulling a Zoey.


Curtsay said...

The squat-jump thing is hilarious. Owen has been doing that lately too. We should get them together for a squat-jump party.

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