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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

In the church talk I mentioned in the last post, the sister missionary talked about asking for blessings and then living our lives so that Heavenly Father can give us those blessings. She also shared this thought that stuck with me:
 "Roots before Fruits"

One example of this concept she shared described a family where the parents were raised in the gospel and praised their childhood because of the great values that were instilled in them. They enjoyed church and got along well with their siblings because of the lessons they learned there. And although they said they wanted the same values and lessons for their children they chose not to actively live the gospel or take their children to church anymore.

She said this was ridiculous. 
You can't expect the fruits of the gospel if you don't have the roots of the gospel. 

Although, I suppose this should be obvious and is essentially why you hear the ABC's or sunday school answers of the gospel so often... it stuck out to me.

So as a reminder to myself to be better and to live this gospel I know to be true, 
"Roots before Fruits"


Ashley said...

Totally agree....roots before fruits. So many people "these days" think that they can be successful in all aspects of their life without hard work. We have to put in the effort to receive the benefits!

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