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Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's a January 14th MIRACLE!!!!!

So tonight Cary and I went on a fun date with friends and we may or may not have bet on our friendly putt putt game. Anyhow, as usually happens with betting... Cary and I didn't exactly play our best game (read: I failed tonight). So we owed our friends a cupcake from the most delicious cupcake shop west of Denver, THE SWEET TOOTH FAIRY.

Well, since we went putt-putting in Provo on a friday night--it obviously took about 2 hours and we had to rush to the store, making it there right at close. And what to our wondering ears did we hear...

But if we filled out a text alert sign up we got a free cupcake! And then as if that wasn't enough... the gracious baker extraordinaire gave us each an EXTRA cupcake! I would normally at this point declare it my new favorite... but because it was already my fav. (see old blog posts) I will just continue to sing its praises from the rooftops. OH, HOW I LOVE YOU SWEET TOOTH FAIRY!!!

***New flavor Rootbeer Float Cupcake was surprisingly refreshing and delicious***


Shelli said...

I Love The Sweet Tooth Fairy, but I always thought that the lady that works there is a little mean and a tight waud. Mostly because when I buy a dozen cupcakes, I want a dozen stamps!

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