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Saturday, January 15, 2011

So sometimes I wake up, and reach down to the floor to immediately grab my labtop, and read the latest blog updates. (You may think that's ridiculous, but we all have our things right...)

And sometimes while I'm reading blogs, Cary will look over my shoulder and read along with me. Today he decided that all my friends who are married have changed their blogs to incorporate their husbands... and I have not. How offensive!

So he suggested I change the title of my blog, and here are his suggestions:

Time as a Tippets
Training my terrible Tippets boy
Cary and Carla camping in curious country
The crazy life of Carla and Cary (this would actually imply that we're exciting)
Truly Tippets

Well, of course none of this is gonna happen, it's my blog, and I'm Carla Cankles. I figured I could appease the ranting with a post though ;)


"C" said...

if you do want to appease him...tell him to eat more and get some cankles then you can be carla( who everyone knows doesnt have cankles) and he can be cankles...just saying!

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