I'd catch a grenade for you

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

For some reason, I hate being cheesy on my blog. I don't want to become the girl that only ever talks about her husband and how great he is--because I'd probably lose all 3 of my readers ;)

BUT... he deserves a shout out. I've been sick all weekend and I just have to say Cary is so good to me. He's cooked, cleaned, done laundry, laid on the couch with me, taken out the trash, gotten me whatever I've asked for, and made me laugh. He's done absolutely everything while I just laid around. I love him, and if you have to be sick, I suggest finding someone who will watch hours of HGTV and eat french toast sticks with you :)

So.... he is an awesome guy and I'm happy every day that I married him, but in reference to the title, we both decided that we're too chicken to catch a grenade for one another. We're willing to do just about anything else, but watch our hand get blown off. I think it's fair ;)

Also, I feel like there's never much going on with me... but I forgot to mention a while back that I finally chopped off my hair again. I cut off 10ish inches and now have a bob (that looks funny written out).

Cary and I found a new tv show addiction, it's called Fringe (been out for 3 years but we just discovered it). It's a science-y show, a little reminiscent of x-files, minus the aliens.

Cary is done applying to grad schools, so we will know a little bit more about the next 5 years come March! I can't wait.

Sooo.... that's about all for me. My life isn't the most thrilling right now, but that's ok, because my sister just bought a Mcmansion, two of my besties are getting married, my mac grill buds are all expecting girls, my omni friends are kicking my trash in a fitness competition--basically everyone has a lot going on and I'm just gonna take my time out of the spotlight and enjoy being boring ;)

Happy Tuesday!


Mary said...

Oh man, Christian and I love Fringe. He's been watching it from the beginning {I always make fun of him because he started watching it by himself, thinking I wouldn't be interested, so I had to tell him to stop watching episodes without me}, I've been watching since about halfway through the first season, and it definitely holds up. The only thing we've decided is that we can't watch while we're eating -- it's just too gross.

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