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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 12.

Despite my usual reservations, I might as well share some documentation--so you don't think I've faked this whole pregnancy, and everyone stops asking if my due date was calculated wrong (NO! Sorry, it's not that hard to figure out a due date, and don't try to cheat me out of 42 weeks... I'm mean that's almost a year!)

Ok, so I'm not very good at taking my own photo

Could my belly stick out any more?

Cary having fun shaving.

He's so weird :)

We also videotaped her moving in my stomach last night... but it's kinda creepy (read: looks like something out of alien) and i don't know how to cut it down to just the fun bits. I'll post if I figure it out, or have Cary help me later.


Teri said...

It's hard taking your own side view pictures! mine always come out blurry and crooked. And I know you're probably sick of hearing it, but I know that baby will come out soon (whether it's naturally or via eviction)! Good luck! :)

Kaley said...

Three thoughts:

1. WTF is that shirt Cary's wearing? A stethoscope printed on a shirt? Is he wearing it so he can deliver your baby since your doctor won't enduce it for you?

2. I'm just glad he's shaving that 'stache off. Seriously.

3. You look so cute! Seriously, you look tiny everywhere but your belly. And people like pregnant women to have big bellies.

So to sum up, you look fabulous and Cary could use some work. Can't wait to meet your baby, albeit via the internet!

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