That for me, it isn't over

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Still no baby.

Cary's friend's are all teasing him that she's already picked up the procrastination gene.

I wish I could totally blame him for that, but I'm not much better.

We had an ultrasound and baby is healthy. She supposedly weighs 8 lbs 2 oz, although the doc thinks she feels more like a 7 lb baby. She doesn't have hair :( And they won't induce me til 42 weeks unless something goes wrong.

I know it's just one more week, and in the grand scheme of things it won't matter. Heck maybe we'll have an 11/11/11 baby! ... but in my fragile emotional state, it was a big blow and I'll spend the rest of the day moping (mope-ing, not to be confused with mop-ing, def none of that going on) and watching grey's anatomy.

Stay tuned... everyone keeps promising me that a baby will eventually show up!


elizabeth said...

42 weeks!!! That is crazy, I am so sorry. Lilly had no hair, for a LONG time. We still love her. :)

jessamyn said...

:( By the time she comes out she could be talking...

Teri said...

I think I'd fire my obgyn if she said I had to wait until 42 weeks. I think you should demand an earlier eviction date. :) Hope that baby gets here soon!

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