Ooh child, things are gonna get easier

Friday, November 4, 2011

I must admit, meltdowns aren't as few and far between as I'd like.

I'm frustrated with my body and the horrible stretch marks that continue to come out of nowhere and taunt me. I'm frustrated with the pain that never ends in a trip to the hospital. I'm annoyed with my less than tactful doctors who say all the wrong things. I'm jealous of all the friends on facebook whose bodies could figure out how to get a baby out and have cute little newborns. I'm annoyed with the constant advice to sleep now while I can--what in the world makes you think I'm sleeping? I go to bed at midnight only to wake up at 3 and flip seamlessly through channels til 6 am before I finally doze off only to get up 2 hours later for an 8 hour shift. And more than the advice, I'm especially tired of hearing "you're STILL pregnant!" Does it really warrant an "Obviously!" Thanks, you're not helping the situation.

oooohhh deep breaths

ok, sorry just thought maybe getting out of my head for a sec might help

Since 2005, I've always tried to dedicate November to the Attitude of Gratitude Challenge. Gratitude is a proven way to increase happiness in your life and a wonderful reminder of just how many blessings we have and that the Lord is looking out for us. So each day I list 3 unique items I am grateful for.... allow me to play catch up

November 1st
1. A baby that will soon be part of my family. Not everyone gets this blessing while on earth and despite complaints, I do realize how fortunate I am to soon have a little girl in my life.
2. Beautiful north carolina fall weather. 70 degrees with a cool breeze and fall leaves is enough to lift anyone out of a funk.
3. Ice cream

November 2nd
1. Comments at work that bring a smile--they are extremely rare these last few days of pregnancy. One lady said to me "You are all belly! Once that baby comes out you'll be right back to a flat stomach and my aren't we all going to hate you then!" Probably not true, but it was the perfect thing to say after hearing from every other customer how huge I am.
2. Heather bringing dinner over and chatting for a little while. The company was really good for me.
3. Modern Family. That show is hilarious, and I'm grateful to talented writers for sharing the laughs.

November 3rd
1. A Clean house. It puts my type A anxiety at peace :)
2. Warm showers. Really long one's. One of these days Cary will get to feel warm water again, but for now I'll take whatever therapy I can get!
3. My mom for her care and concern and delicious meals. Would I starve without her... no, but her food is a lot better than the toast and cereal I would have put together for dinner.

November 4th
1. I told Verizon no more! Oh how my body is grateful for this break.
2. I made a ginormous list of projects to keep myself busy this coming week, and I am already diving in!
3. Cary's love and support. He quits trying to cheer me up and lets me cry when I need to, and then turns around and makes me laugh to make it better. I don't know what I'd do without that boy--he just makes life better.


Alaina Nelson said...

Love the gratitude list! I need to do that... but that would require catching m blog up to November... yup I am still Summer blogging.
We will keep you and the little one in our prayers. Love you miss you!

DeeAura said...

I love it when you make your gratitude lists. I copy you sometimes, but you're my originator. :) I just love you, Carla! Miss you mucho. Can't wait to see pictures of your perfect little family of 3, and really soon. :)

elizabeth said...

The whole "sleep now" is the most ridiculous concept I have ever heard. You can't stockpile sleep like diapers. I did a sleep study once and a legit sleep doctor from Duke said to my face that you can never catch up on sleep. Sleep is a daily thing you either get or you don't, no saving or earning.
p.s. I miss your mom's dinners.

Kaley said...

On a positive note, you're blogging more now that you still don't have a baby... I know you're miserable but at least I hear from you more often! And I agree with the verizon lady. I'll definitely be a hater when you look tiny in two weeks. Because I'm not pregnant and I still don't look tiny...

Jessica Day said...

I have complained a ton during my pregnancy, but every time I read your blog I feel humbled-you are going through the same things, and you're working. I really admire how long you've been able to keep up with a job and tactless strangers/doctors. I hope you're able to pamper yourself (as much as a 9 month pregnant lady can be) while you're waiting for your baby, and I hope she comes soon.

And that lady was right about your belly-I would put money down on how fast your stomach will disappear.

Curtsay said...

I think I posted something on my blog that sounded a lot like this when I was huge and pregnant. I was so sick of talking about it to any and everybody! Anyway, I guess I'll know she's here when I see your parents glowing in church!

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