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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Zoey Morgan Tippets

Haha I like making faces with her.

But this one is a little cuter.

Physical Stats on Zoey:
-Dark brown hair, and lots of it (stupid ultrasound tech didn't know anything)
-Dark blue eyes. They're gorgeous! (Although technically they could change by 6mos)
-Super long finger and toes.
-Born at 8lb 1 oz. She's long and skinny... with her mom's chubby cheeks. She probably carries a whole pound in her cheeks alone.
-She has a puffy right eye. It's some extra blood vessels and they're blocking a tear duct. It makes her eye look a little uneven but we still love her and it'll go away!

Characteristics from Cary:
-Skinny limbs
-Chill personality
-Not a morning person! She gives me the dirtiest look when I wake her up and then tries to pretend she's still asleep.

Characteristics from Carla:
-chubby cheeks
-dark hair
-good at making faces... and she rolled her eyes today (that's right--starting early)

Anyhow, she's a pretty cool baby. I'm stoked she's mine and I never have to give her back to anyone after holding her :)


"C" said...

She is perfect!! CONGRATS again!! Such a beautiful baby!

Kaley said...

long finger? which one is it? jk. congrats!

Shelli said...

Congratulations Cara, she is truly beautiful. And I know that she'll be hilarious because she has two awesome parents.

That's one of the things I look forward to... not having to give anyone else a turn, or giving the baby back!

Whitney Brown said...

She is PRECIOUS!!!! Congrats!!!

Sarah Harris said...

I love that you two have a baby. How cool. I just wish we could all see her... Congrats!!!

Shells said...

congrats lady! she is gorgeous

Mary said...

She is adorable. And I love that you named her "Zoey," because that's the only spelling that brings the right pronunciation to my mind.

Alaina Nelson said...

She is so cute! and I love her cute little name Congrats! We are so happy for you!

Kelly said...

She is beautiful, Carla!!!!

Rebecca McDermott said...

You picked a good name... that is a name we had in mind (not pregnant yet) so we both might have zoeys and they should be friends.

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