I can tell by your eyes that you're not getting any sleep

Monday, December 5, 2011

I have started countless blog posts in the past weeks, and then baby girl wakes up or something else comes up and I never seem to finish writing the posts. So... maybe one of these days I'll finish them, but for today I'll just share a moment of my life via pictures.

Zoey loves sleeping in this position. What a goof!

I caught her laughing in her sleep. I wish she would laugh when she's awake, but I enjoy it while she's napping too. Wonder what she's dreaming about--probably her dad's dancing ;)

I'll be honest, sometimes life with a newborn feels a little overwhelming and I pause and think "What have I gotten myself into? Oh, what I would give for a 5 hour stretch of sleep!" And then she giggles in her sleep and it cracks me up and melts my heart. Those laughs get me through another day and hopefully soon they'll become daytime giggles and nighttime slumber.


Teri said...

That is so adorable! :) Looking forward to meeting that little one sometime soon. :)

emily said...

How hilarious! And she has a dimple. Does she have one on the other side?

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