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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Zoey is 1 month old!

(And she hates taking pictures as much as her mom)

stats on Zoey:

-She's starting to put some chub on. She weighs 9 lb 8 oz! Meaning she went from the 32% in weight up to the 50%. Such a good little eater! And she's in the 83rd% for height. (I don't know how I made a tall baby, but I'm real happy for her)

-She started smiling her 2nd week, but it still happens right after a good meal or after passing gas... but i suppose those two things make a lot of people smile

-Her first laugh in her sleep was on thanksgiving day

-She started tracking me with her eyes at 2 1/2 weeks.

-She holds her head up and looks around... this started early, but she's definitely getting stronger and almost to the point where I don't have to worry about supporting her neck

-She absolutely hates sleeping on her back, will tolerate her side, and sleeps best on her tummy. This makes me slightly paranoid about SIDS, but sleep deprivation wins and we do our best to make it safe for her to sleep on her side or tummy.

- Everytime she cries for more than a minute, cary plays me a lame movie about the period of purple crying... it doesn't help the situation.

-Cary wanted me to include, that she finally loves him more than her grandma. (He thinks she doesn't really love him--not true just different than her adoration of the baby whisperer).

Lately, she really likes to go through 3 diapers in about 15 minutes. She has this thing about waiting until she's in a clean diaper to finish her business. Family tells me that newborns don't plot--but if you could see her grin, you'd doubt too. I think she knows what she's doing and finds herself hilarious.

Seriously though, she's more fun every day and we're excited for all the big milestones to come!


Marisha said...

We went through the sleeping thing with M too. she wouldn't sleep in any position except her tummy for the first 4-5 weeks, so I only let her sleep on my chest. I wouldn't put her down for the risk of SIDs too, I still really worry about it. They say it peaks at 3-4 months, so now that she's 5 I'm starting to not worry AS much! But I always kept trying and finally she slowly started sleeping on her back for 20 mins, then 30, and finally, now she's great. No problem, she actually only wants her back. There is hope! Or you might just have a tummy sleeper all her life! :) Good luck! She's so cute!

Amanda Swafford said...

Olivia would only sleep for 30 minutes at a time on her back. By the time she was five weeks old I was SO TIRED. So we started letting her sleep on her tummy and she's slept through the night ever since. 5-6 hours at first, then 8-10. Now it's a solid 10 ten hours. She still sleeps mostly on her stomach.

To help my SIDS paranoia fears, I wrapped her mattress in an organic mattress pad (just in case the poisonous fire proofing chemical in baby mattresses theory for SIDS is true, which I doubt, but I did it anyways.) Then I covered it with a very tight fitting sheet. There was NO crib bumper and no blankets, pillows, or stuffed animals. She only slept in one of those zip-up sleeping bags/blankets or swaddled. The swaddling worried me though because I thought she might get unswaddled and then caught up in the blankets. So we usually stuck with the zip up thing for nighttime.

If you can eventually get her to sleep on her back that would be awesome, but Olivia never would. My mom says me and all my sisters were the same way, would only sleep on our tummies. It's such a tough call though.

I want to come see you and that baby soon!

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