I wanna be a billionaire...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

For those who don't know...

mega-millions lottery jackpot is up to $400 million something.

Cary is beside himself with excitement.

He's decided lottery tickets are worthwhile if the pot is over 100 million, and he's pretty much already won in his mind.

For the past two days, all he talks about are what he will do with his winnings.

For example...
he's worried my mom and dad will judge him for gambling, so he's gonna fly them to the bahamas for a fancy dinner and tell them we won while allowing them the option to vacation as long as they want.

He's decided when our child(perhaps children someday) ask how we got rich, he's just gonna tell them he made smart investments (and then he starts laughing and says "REAL SMART--ha just a $2 ticket).

He's decided we should move next door to Mitt Romney, since we'll know what it's like to be in his tax bracket and we can discuss investment options.

Of course, he wants to finish his schooling first, so in the meantime he will also pay to have a
Zupas, Cook Out, and Sweet Tooth Fairy franchise put in on Franklin Street.

When asked what he will do first when he discovers he won:
"I'm going to whole foods and buying the GOOD milk... you know, the kind that comes in the glass jars"

Ohhh Cary... he even got me excited for a minute thinking, even if we just got 4 numbers we'd get $10,000 and I could get a new pair of rainbows and fly to my friends, Erik and Aubrey's, wedding.

Then he told me there's a 1 in 176 MILLION chance of winning.


Well, at least the $2 ticket has made him giddy all week... arguably money well spent.


Heather said...

That is the cheapest form of entertainment I know of... but what's better is Tim got an office pool going in on some numbers.... so we will join you, but only if you don't live next to Mitt Romney :) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Rochelle said...

hilarious. cary reminds me so much of joel, he amuses himself this way all the time (obsessive over one thing he gets a huge kick out of). recently it's his impression of an annoying katniss from the hunger games. i have to admit it's pretty funny.

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