I'm missing you like candy

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hello my name is Carla, and I'm a sugar-aholic.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I need to be held accountable. I am 4 months postpartum and I still need to lose about 15lbs! I'm still a small person, but I only have a handful of clothes that fit, and a closet FULL of cute clothes I want to fit back into.

I have been exercising since December, and even ramped it up to 45 min Insanity workouts about a month ago... which is great and all. Now I have muscle under my extra skin and chub :) But it's not good enough (I'm blaming nursing--lies that it melts the pounds away, at least for me). So I'm ready to go to drastic measures.

e.g. soda, cupcakes, cake, pie, ice cream, smoothies with ice cream, cookies, candy, fruit drinks (anything not 100% juice), pastries, donuts... and probably other deliciousness. (Although, I already told cary I'm allowed to have nutella with fruit--because it's a nut spread with only a touch of cocoa, and it's a good source of protein, as well as a healthy breakfast (it says so on the jar (HEY, this is my challenge!))).

Anyhow, I started Wednesday, and it's going well.
I've already lost 1/2 pound!
(The most I've budged in 3 months) and I plan on going for a month, then reassessing.

I only mention this because I appreciate encouragement, compadres, big brother types. So if you see me, don't offer me sweets. Don't call to go out for ice cream. Go ahead and ask me how it's going, and if you want to join the struggle, PLEASE do.
We can avoid pinterest and it's scrumptious recipes together!

And when the going gets tough, and the ice cream looks refreshing, the cinnamon rolls smell good, and the cupcakes scream my name...

I'll be telling myself no,
because I like feeling healthy and fit more
than the fifteen minutes of happiness a sweet can give me!


"C" said...

You can do it!!! If you are ever tempted just call me and I will talk you out of it!! Kinda like an AA sponsor. :o)

danniey said...

Ya know, i stayed about the same until about 6 months and then the weight started falling off dramatically. You should read articles in babyfit.com too. It talks about how when you're nursing you actually need to eat more calories so your body doesn't enter starvation mode and cling on to the fat stores. It says that sometimes new mothers diet and exercise like crazy but don't see results because they actually aren't eating enough calories for their body to let go of the fat. After I adjusted my calorie intake according to their recommendations, I saw major results. Good luck!

LMorgan said...

You can do anything you put your mind to doing!

Teri said...

Good luck! I'm in that same boat unfortunately. All the weight I lost from not eating (thanks post-partum) has crept back on and hardly any of my clothes fit these days. Ugg. I don't think I'm strong enough to quit sugar cold turkey, so go you!

Kim said...

I heard this girl at the gym say "thin looks better then fat tastes." I'm still trying to figure out if that is true...

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