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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's springbreak, YAY!!!!!

Cary is thoroughly enjoying his first (and last) ever college springbreak!

And I'm loving having him around to help with Zoey, but mostly because he makes me laugh all day...

Yesterday, he walks out of the room wearing brown pants and a black tee shirt, and gets this attitude like Tim Gunn "I know this is a total fashion faux pas, brown and black, but I don't even care."

Later I'm flipping through channels and stop on an Insanity infomercial (we're slightly (maybe a little more than slightly) obsessed with the insanity workout program) and look at Cary, hey that could be us in a few more weeks! Then they show a testimonial and this guy has a 6 pack, but they're all out of line, and Cary says "umm yeah, I hope my abs aren't messed up like that, if they are I'll just always keep my shirt on at the beach and just shrug "yeah, I'm fit'"

My personal fav... I was telling Cary a story and realize I was sometimes a horrible sister, and say "wow, I'm kinda suprised my sisters still like me."
Cary gets really sarcastic "seriously though... next time I see your sisters I'm gonna ask them 'How can you even stand Carla?'" Haha, only he can make me laugh about my many flaws. But, I told him that makes it sound like our marriage is falling apart, so we decided to save that one for our house only...
oh, and the blog...


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