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Monday, March 12, 2012

HAPPY 4 month BIRTHDAY Zoey!

(Well, yesterday.... I got a little busy)

Sometimes, I think you are growing up so fast, but most the time I think you're only 4 months??? You are such an alert little girl, constantly looking around observing everything. Not much gets past our little girl, you definitely catch every look I shoot your dad, and everytime my ipod beeps with a words with friends request.

We regularly remind ourselves that we only get to enjoy you everyday for a few short years before you're off conquering the world. You are beautiful and smart and you already have a keen sense of humor that catches your dad and I off guard, it's no doubt you'll be successful at whatever you set out to do.

Over the last month, you have gotten so much more smiley, and you laugh (mostly during conversations--making us worry you know exactly what we are talking about). You still don't really like the carseat or stroller (making your first trip not so successful), and I foresee lots of telling you to slow down as soon as you can walk. You love chewing your hands, which I'm constantly trying to keep dry, and you've even found your feet--despite my protests they aren't for eating. You love chatting it up with the other babies at church, so much they get a little alarmed at how vocal you are!

Everyone stops to tell you how cute you are, and it only increases because you then pause and flash your biggest smile.

We love you more everyday, and are totally convinced you are the perfect addition to our twosome.

Eating your feet :/

Our sick day spent in bed... you kept making funny faces for the camera

Hands in the mouth... that captures about 90% of the photos we take

I love your deep blue eyes.

I wanted a birthday pic in your cute dress... you wanted to play peek a boo, it always makes you smile--even if I think you're still pretty young to totally understand.


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