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Friday, July 13, 2012

You know the cupcake craze that started about 5 years ago...

Yeah, I'm not really sure why cupcakes are so great either, but one of Cary and I's favorite things to do is compare all the cupcake shops. Everytime we are on vacation we try that town's notable cupcakery and compare it to the others we've tried.

These tastings include cupcakes that have won prestigious awards in magazines, on food network, been on the today show, have their own show (DC cupcakes), etc...

And hands down, our favorite is still THE SWEET TOOTH FAIRY!

Her cupcakes are moist and jam packed with flavor, while her frosting is fluffy, not too sweet and just as flavorful as the cake part.

So... much to my elation, excitement, thankful taste buds she shared a recipe! It's her black and white recipe (not my absolute favorite, but delicious none the less).

I made it for my young women as an object lesson for the temple marriage lesson. Anyhow, they aren't quite as good as the real deal, but still incredible and just need another batch or two of practice :) Thanks sweet tooth fairy!


Ashley said...

And where would this place be?

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