These are a few of my favorite things

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My friend Ashley does a favorite things blog post at the end of every month and invites her readers to link up and share their favorite things.

So I figured I'd share the favorite things on my mind...

Insanity. If you've been around me the last month, you've heard me talk about it and I'm sure you're sick of hearing about it.

"I'm smiling cause I love it."

2. Godiva Rewards Club. A free Godiva truffle every month... don't mind if I do! If any of you ever shop at Southpoint mall, ever, you should be swinging by Godiva for a free truffle. It's delicious and it's free... why wouldn't you.

No seriously, why aren't you getting this?

3. Black Out Curtains. Cold house, dark rooms equals baby sleeps equals happy mom.

4. Shark Steam Mop. I love tools that make life easier, and this one makes my life A LOT easier. 'Nuff said.

5. Olympics. It's only every 4 years and it's amazing. So if you haven't been bitten by Olympic fever, perhaps you should compete in an Olympic sport for a season and gain some appreciation ;)... or come over and have a good time with Cary making fun of me while I nervously soak in each event.


Ashley said...

I love how Godiva comes right after Insanity! That's my girl!!

Oh and this Shark Steam Mop?? I'm going to need to check into that. Better than the Swiffer mop?

You know I haven't watched any Olympics....ok lie...I did watch one girl do the uneven bars yesterday, but that's about it.

Kaley said...

That Olympics graphic is amazing. I'm going to pretend like you made it and admire your incredible creative skills.

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