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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Whoa... Happy 8 month birthday to my baby girl!

We got her picture taken, but the photos turned out awful... so here's two off the camera this week.

We let her run around naked when the AC went out... she thinks being naked is great.

It's been a crazy month. She's decided she wants to keep up with the kids at church in a big way.
Zoey took her first step!

She says "hi dada" (sometimes to me too) and "night night" (although cary says that one hardly counts because of poor pronounciation... but she's only 8 months, of course it's not perfect. The key is she says it when I put her down in her crib--hence, she has an understanding of what she's saying, right ;)

She LOVES swimming. The girl is crazy about kicking, floating and playing with her toys, and wants so badly to dive in like the big kids but still sputters every time she puts her face in.

She eats a ton. She goes crazy for the gerber puffs, likes the 3rd foods with meat and pasta, as well as avocado and she hates blueberries (I tried to get that one on video, but she won't put it in her mouth again. Sad, cause it was hilarious)

Basically, she just gets more and more fun. Love that lil girl.


Ashley said...

Why didn't the pictures turn out great?? I'm sure they are fantastic. She is such a cutie!

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