Here comes the fighter

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cary likes to watch Piers Morgan Tonight sometimes.

The other night he was interviewing Mark Wahlberg, and I have to say he's a pretty classy guy. He was talking about how he doesn't hang out with people in hollywood or go to any of the parties because his wife and kids come first. He said they were the best thing that ever happened to him and he'd have to be an idiot to do anything to risk those relationships.

It's refreshing to hear a movie star really prioritize their family.

Anyhow, he was on there to also promote his new health food line, and Piers was commenting on how he looks so good at 41. I didn't know he was 41! Say, what? He looks great!

So I turn to Cary and say "I wanna look like Mark Wahlberg"

Cary turns back "NO, whatever you do, I do not want you to look like Mark Wahlberg. I will sabotage you with ice cream and everything else you love, do not try to look like him!"

Bahahaha I just meant being fit and looking 30 when you're 41, but ok Cary.


Ashley said...

I've seen him interviewed also and think he's pretty fantastic!

emily said...

I saw a commercial that The Doctors are having Mark Wahlberg's trainer on the show on Monday. If you check it out, maybe you can look like him :)

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