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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Today is Cary's Birthday!!!

(taken super early in the am...)

He is officially in his late twenties. 
I would make some joke about how old he is, but as our friend pointed out, he has a smoking hot wife (*adjectives may or may not have been added*), a cute baby girl, and is almost half way to a PhD. Not too shabby for 27 years of age. 

We've come to realize that our little family is all about food for special occasions. We hardly ever eat out, and try to make healthy choices 80-90% of the time... so birthdays are our excuse to go buck wild and enjoy the fried things in life ;)

We've decided our family birthday tradition will be a lunch at restaurant of choice with mom and/or dad ((because eating out is expensive, and we're poor) (and didn't you always feel so special when you got to go out with one of your parents alone)) and then of course homemade dinner of choice with the whole fam.

Cary had a meeting during lunch so we did breakfast. We went to sunrise biscuit for chicken biscuits.... mmmm delish. So much better than Time Out.

And for dinner, I didn't want to cook (I reserve the right to not cook for Cary's b'day or my own) so Cary chose Red Lobster because we LOVE shrimp.

Followed by some serendipitious frozen hot chocolate.... it's been a yummy day.
(No more pics cause this was the point at which zoey decided to break the camera :(

And to round out the birthday celebrations we're going to the NC State fair later this week and trying way more fried delicacies than any artery should have to endure--cause that's just how we roll. Stay tuned!

It's time for bed I think...


Ashley said...

Happy belated Birthday, Cary!!

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