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Monday, October 15, 2012

Between work and trying to finish the 600 page book I started... I missed blogging about Zoey's 11 month birthday, but that doesn't mean we love her any less ;)


Dang she's practically an old lady, and I've *almost* forgiven her for being two weeks late last fall :) 
I'm just kidding, we love her just the way she is and she does have a cool birthday we are looking forward to celebrating shortly!

In Zoey news... she's become an excellent walker and wants to walk everywhere! Translation: It takes us FOREVER to get anywhere... because girlfirend's got short legs. But, I applaud her zeal and marvel at her ability to never get tired and want to be carried.

... She also has a new hiding place. She still loves hide and seek, and thinks it's great she fits into cupboards. 

 ...We're already starting a rock collection...

... This is her, I'm not ready to get up mom! 

... Telling me she's ready for bed. Do babies come any more perfect? 

... Cute hoodie knitted by Grandma R. 

 ...All the walking leaves some scraps and bruises

...Ready for game day! Go Heels! 

 ... The latest development: tantrums. Not my favorite part of parenting. Let's hope we move through this phase quickly

... And taking pictures of tantrums makes her more mad.

And that's my Zoey!


Teri said...

Ha ha! Evie's started throwing tantrums too. It doesn't help that I usually start laughing and that seems to make her more mad! :) And I know I shouldn't wish it, but I can't wait until Evie learns to walk! I love watching little ones learn to toddle around!!

Whitney Brown said...

That hoodie is precious!!!

DeeAura said...

I love this. :) So MUCH. She's so darling! Also, this may not give you hope, but it's marginally entertaining. A friend of mine literally has a hashtag on instagram called #surpriseclaireisthrowingafit. She takes a picture of probably most tantrums and it's sad and funny at the same time. But this little girl has a record of over a year. I think it went from funny to exhausting, but...now she's finally starting to grow out of it, and eventually it'll probably be really funny. So maybe that's a funny thing to search on the Insta. And maybe it's not. I don't even know, but, um...good luck. :) I love you!

emily said...

I love that kid. The last picture looks like her "Don't you dare put this on facebook" pic. You guys are doing such a good job with that cutie.

Kim said...

I love her shoes! And her face

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