I'm trying to be like Jesus

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Zoey-isms: Church Edition

Zoey hasn't had so many funny sayings as she has developed an evil cackle. At church she sneezed in Cary's face and then cackled. Everyone around us thought it was hilarious.

On sunday, sacrament meeting was 15 minutes past the hour when the branch president got up to speak. Zoey was totally spent at this point and we told her as soon as he sat down she could go to nursery, so she stands on Cary's lap and screams at him "GET OUT!"

For family home evening, we have been doing the nursery lessons and this week we learned that Jesus and Heavenly Father love us and we can pray when we are thankful, or need help or are scared. Well, that backfired. Now she cries in the middle of the night "DAD!!! I'm scared!!!" And when we ask what she is scared of she always says "Jesus."


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